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  • Hi Glenn: Thanks for the greenie; are you guys still chasing the Trailwright's List, or have y'all finished it? Best regards, Rick.
    Thanks for the green thing, Glen. Hope the mending process continues to go well.
    Thanks. I made some revisions to my report since I think you read it. Trying not to sound too frustrated. It is a great area. Do you have any suggestions for what else we might consider doing when we go back to try Shasta via Avalanche Route? We could go back to Lassen, but what other adventures might we miss?
    Yeah. I'm taking Tuesday off so it's between that a Northern Presi hike or a Wild River Carter Dome hike. Looking to possibly adopt the Rainbow trail. Want to check it out first. Let me know next time something is planned. Hopefully I'll be able to make the Mt. pemi trip.
    Thanks for the greenie. Good luck on your trail this year. I just finished my spring trips today on mine. What a relief.
    Thanks, Glenn. I hesitate to dive into these threads (bad for the blood pressure!) but sometimes I feel I have to.
    Happy trails,
    Glen: Do you have an email address for Allene burk. I would like to contact her to getmore info on the Picasa gallery. Hal

    Saw your trail conditions report this morning on your Monadnock hike. I believe I ran into you yesterday near the summit on the Pumpelly as you and your friend were having lunch. Sorry didn't think to ask if you were VFTT member, did think about it after. I was with two other guys and you asked which way we came up. Anyway, did want to say hello. Glad you enjoyed your hike.

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