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  • Thank you! Mike and I have had some conversations over the years that haunt me. Mostly because of the questions I ask, but also because talking about some of the ghosts that haunt him is "therapy" in his words. I wish everyone could talk to him about some of the accidents he has seen on the mountain over the years. There would be a lot fewer...
    When I typed my initial response to the thread, I hadn't yet read the other replies. Typical insensitive male jerk I am. Very sorry to hear that you may have Lyme Disease.
    Hi Ellen, just came across the greenie. Thank you so much! BobC told me how to reciprocate, which I had trouble figuring out how to do, so will do so soon. Happy trails!
    Thanks for the greenie. I think we're all on the same page on this one. I will green you back after 24 hours. Seems I've given out too much reputation.
    Thanks for the greenie and comment Ellen! Rick is great company, a real character, and very generous in many ways. I need to figure out how this greenie thing works and look forward to hiking with you one of these days!
    You are most welcome and thanks for the nice compliment!
    And of course the greenie to.
    Thanks for the greenie. Trying to bump it forward as the deadline closes in. Sorry if I don't respond timely to messages as I seem to have a hard time finding places where these are posted and only stumble on them. I agreed with you on the Monadnock thing, I may post a response soon since something happened to us last weekend due to the perception created bt non-hikers that triggers reactions to actual hikers.
    Hi.. Do you remember is the downed tree was on the right or the left trail option of the loop? Thanks!
    Hey Ellen!

    Thanks for the greenie! Actually, I wouldn't stay in a hut if they paid me. Too much snoring! LOL! Have a great Thanksgiving!

    If you want I can email /forward your email to the Forest Service. Or I can email them separately with the issue - was it more trash than the sleeping bag? I believe most staff have been let go for the year but hopefully something can be done next year.

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