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  • Thanks for the greenie. I am also trying to configure how to use the sleeves of an old leather jacket to protect my arms when I get into rough bushwacking situations.
    thanks so much for the greenie!
    we took something like 300 photos of terra playing with her doggy friends at a local conservation area, and that was one of the best ones!
    Thank you for the green spot -- I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Regarding the addition of Tuckerman's reports for dogs, it occurred to me a while ago that dogs see our hikes much differently than we do. For example, there can never be too much mud! And then there are the water issues, which dogs probably think about all the time. Plus: marking. In any case, I'm glad you liked Tuck's addition. Very best, /Steve
    Thank you, erugs. He's very happy to hear this as it is his goal in life to look very 'facebookie'. :)

    Ironic, that we have joined facebook not to long ago. I fear it is mostly a waste of time, but my agent suggested it was important to have a presence in selling the book to publishers and later to the public. Not sure how I feel about it, but I complied never the less.

    Hope you are enjoying your September thus far. Best hiking weather of the year is upon us.
    hehe, thanks for the greenie :)

    I left out the best part of that story . . . flicking the whole mess off to the side of the trail with a long stick. I suppose the responsible thing to do would have been to bury it, but I draw the line at burying other people's poo. Getting it off the treadway was as far as I was willing to go :)
    I missed it. Was it the one about the Tetons? Shit, I ate lunch with Paul Petzoldt once... I never thought to ask... maybe he was looking at my cleavage?

    Hey, happy belated birthday!
    Cool! Those slopes seem to be loaded with bear. Makes sense, they're loaded with berries.

    You probably did see my car up there! I passed through the Notch 5-ish.

    I saw two cubs playing on the side of Rte 2 coming down the big hill from Gorham towards Appalachia on Sunday morning. Too cute, but I didn't have my camera handy. :(
    I did see your post re: Hood and thought you got some good advice. Earlier is better, both for Hood and Shasta. The standard route on Hood is well-documented - Palmer chairlift to Hogback thru Pearly Gates to summit. Above the Hogback it gets tricky, but I think you and Brian have enough experience to determine whether or not to rope up.

    Re: Shasta - am headed up there myself in a couple of weeks (Avalanche Gulch route). Will try to remember to post some thread on conditions.

    Thanks for the green! ;)
    I've been studying up the weather out here and this was one of the fun things I learned... and useful to know since it happens so much on the volcanoes.
    BTW, East Face of Whitney... jealous :D
    Hey, by the way- when someone tells me I'm almost there, I look at them quizzically and ask them how they know where I'm going! LOL!
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