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  • Thanks for the greenie. I always liked the bumber sticker about
    "practicing random acts of kindness". Can't remember the whole think.
    Duh, you posted your message below on your own visitor page yesterday! You should have posted it on mine. I do that all the time too! OK, maybe I'll craft a post for that "features you like or dislike" thread that carole started.... no I must work today!!!
    Haha, it's because we have GREAT jobs! (that we view so often!) I talked to Bill last night. Dave Ross is sponsoring him. I also added to Jazzbo's thread that I forwarded Bill's question to Dr. D. I also emailed Kevin Rooney that I did the aforementioned. Good God, are all the trip leaders on VFTT except Bill???!!! Have a good one! I actually have to get some work done today!
    Bill hasn't responded to me about sponsoring him and I didn't want to duplicate efforts of others. I'd be happy to, but he has to let me know. I sponsored my BF, Brian, and it took Darren a long time to get back to him, and then the name Brian wanted was taken and he hasn't been able to decide on a name. I think quite a few people lurk, but are not viewing as often as you or I seem to.
    Hi Ellen, Are you going to take care of Bill's VFTT sponsorship? If so, remind Bill that Darren seldom gets around to adding new members. Bill will need to provide his email address and a username that he chooses. I'm still waiting for Darren to add Jay and it's been over a month. I don't know how much more Bill will find out about the snow bridges since Dr. D's trip was likely the last to go through there. Funny that Bill lurks on VFTT, but has never been a member!
    I hiked a few times with Al Stein. He did a New Years Day repair on my crampon using a kit Judi had with her (Eisenhower). If I remember correctly, some of the sleds were left behind, for pickup later. The grouse startled Judi and she turned around to look at it but didn't see it right away -- it had landed on her pack (a purple one she had borrowed from me). When I first met her she was concerned about being benighted. Then we were on a backpack and didn't make it to our destination, and later I heard that she and Dr. Al had had another night out. Oh, the fun we have. Another time, Judi and I were kayaking, and I called to her "Look, I'm at one with my boat." and promptly tipped over.
    Patty will be happy to hear about Jane. I don't remember a spruce grouse for Judi. We went from the Kanc at Hancock Notch Trail to Rt 302 at Nancy Pond Trail. Crazy! Did you also know Dr. Al Stein? We kept getting our sleds hung up on trees, so we would yell, "Dr. Stein to the large birch tree- stat!" Good times!
    Hey, Patricia says "Hi!" She asked what Jane is up to, married, college, etc. Andrew is still a handsome bachelor! I also learned that you are friends with Nurse Judi! I went on an awesome sled trip with her across the Pemi, like 10 years ago! Ask her about it. We had a blast!
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