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  • Oddly, Brian and I were orginally going to hike your trail the Tuesday prior to our class. We hit the Davis Path instead. Very nice meeting you. My hat off to you for such a difficult trail!
    thanks. yeah, i really just posted that cause i like the video. ;) it was cool to see in person.
    Nutsosa, thank you for the green square and your kind words. I appreciate it!

    By the way, those are come pretty cute kids in you avatar! :)
    Hi, wish you had stopped us to chat, we did that alot throughout the hike, good excuse to take a break :p.
    Yeah, I still haven't met my region leader.

    It's looking more like I'll stay local (Boston). Logistics and finances probably won't work out for England :( At least I'll get to keep my trail :)
    That would be great to recert by doing some trailwork with the supervisor..on our own trail. As it is it has been very difficult to get together with him. I think I will need to take a session next year. Next year you maybe in England right? It may be hard to adopt a trail in the UK.
    I was going to renew next year. I will just stick to the Alpine sessions. However, a weekend with rock work sounds like fun. How about you?
    Thesis defense and then post doc?? You must hate to sleep and to have free time. Any idea where you may head for your post doc? My wife did hers at the NIH in Bethesda. I am not sure who could handle so much concrete.

    My son will apply to Dartmouth in the fall. I am worried if he gets in if the ski slopes and the DOC will be to much of a distraction for him.
    It has been ok. I have not been on "my" section of Glenn Boulder yet. I was on the lower part clearing waterbars and brushing. You are on Garfield as a I recall. So we are do for more training next year aren't we?
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