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  • we went out saturday first time this year to bretton -- we ended up picking up season passes last spring. they've only got a few trails open, but have top to bottom snow and in good shape!
    We will have to go hiking locally or up north, most likely seek out a summer climb perhaps, when I will be freed from college for long term!
    Thanks for the greenie! I think you will like the Manchester-Essex Woods. Definitely a big place and a decent workout. Bring your compass, as the trails tend to loop around and aren't always marked well. Agassiz Rock loop is very short, but definitely worthwhile, too.

    Best regards, Marty
    Would you be interested in hiking Whitewall this weekend? I'd like to limit this to small group to improve on sighting wildlife of which there is much. 2 or 3 would be optimal. I'm also planning to do Crawford Resolution Parker Traverse. No days picked out yet. Sat & Sunday look best.
    Amicus, thanks for your comments on the video. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    That trail down Turtleback might be good for x-c type skis. As I recall, it's pretty tame and winding. Worth a try.

    Me, snowboarding? Are you kidding? There's not enough Advil in the world!
    Amicus, Thanks for the link to Pandora radio, very cool.

    You are indeed one of the lucky dudes to see SunRa live, a multi-media show back in the 60's and 70's. I had seen him live a number of times. I grow up in Manhattan (16th and Ave C) when in High School my older brother took me to see SunRa for the first time in the East Village (walking distance). Ra and his show blew me away; The music the dancing the light show the slide show. Forgetaboutit.
    Oh, ok. I'm curious as to where he would be starting. I was under the impression that there is no road access into the Gorge, though I know there are some long trails leading in from parking lots. Unless he plans on starting at the Indian River. If you do that, there are still class III to IV rapids all the way down to North River. The only way to avoid those would be to being at North Creek, and go down from there. You would still encounter up to class III+ though (Spruce Rapids, Z Ledge, and Horse Race Rapids).
    This book has an excellent description of pretty much the entire Hudson River: http://www.amazon.com/Adirondack-Mountain-Canoe-Kayak-State/dp/1931951004
    Please keep me posted on your plans, I'm interested to hear how it play out :-)
    Thanks - I also got some good info from Northeast Paddlers Message Board. One of our two "scouts" who is lobbying for the Hudson thinks that we might be able to avoid the bad stuff by starting only at The Gorge, which he thinks would give us roughly 50 miles to GLen Falls, but it seems that there are still some bad bits in that stretch. Mike
    Hey Amicus... just reading some threads and couldn't help but notice the cool picture for your avatar. Would you care to share the location of that? That looks awesome! Thanks!
    Amicus, was your avatar photo taken in the Mary French Reservation in Andover by any chance? I'm the warden of the nearby Hammond Reservation and very aware of the beaver flooded area there. Dennis.
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