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  • Thanks for the greenie Dave, we should catch up soon for an adult beverage and catch up.
    You continue to have my favorite avatar. If you don't know about Pandora internet radio, you may want to check it out - http://www.pandora.com/ You can set up any number of your own "stations," based on artists, song or genre. My Sun Ra Station has exposed me to some early/middle albums I hadn't heard, although I have maybe 6 LPs and a 15 CDs (tip of iceberg - new ones all the time, from Beyond.)

    I was lucky to hear Ra and the Arkestra live a few times, most memorably at the Five Spot in the East Village (where I then lived) in '76 (about). John Gilmore blew the roof off the place with the most incendiary tenor explosion I have ever heard, and the whole troupe (from Spacegirls to Ra himself) snake-danced through a chant finale to "Space Is the Place."
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