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  • Hi Doug,
    The river guides in the link you attached to your reply are absolutely fantastic. I really appreciate you chiming in. I will definitely be exploring at least 1 of the two this summer. Thank you so much again.
    Hi Doug Paul,

    A year or more ago, you posted an animated GIF picture of some mice popping their heads up and down in a cabin box. It is quite cute. I wanted to share it with some friends, when lo and behold, I ended up with a jpg copy some how. Would you be so kind as to send or direct me to a copy? I'm pretty sure it was posted here.
    Bill Tarkulich
    OOOps hit the report button by accident rather than edit. Do you happen to know the temperature profile of standard alkaline cells?

    BTW did you know that Al Kaline played baseball?
    Dear Doug,
    Having already lost one camera (not under warrentee), and one 60CSx (warrenteed, thank God) to Li batteries aI really don't want to try them again. Do you happen know, the temperature profile of standard alkalines?

    BTW: did you know that Al Kaline played baseball?
    Doug, got a question for you. I saw you posted the difference between NAD-27 and WGX84. What would be the difference between NAD-83? Does it matter for this region using a GPS which Datum of this two is used?
    Yes you can load multiple map products into the GPS at one time. You combine them all in Mapsource and then load them. (This will erase whatever was in the GPS.)
    Doug finally moving up from Magellan Sportrak Pro to the Garmin60gsx - for my purposes of seakayaking & hiking, snowshoeing I think Topos suffice but I get confused with all the software. ( BlueCharts NatGeo, NatParks etc ) - I think I'm good with their US Topo, but can I load roads/streets at same time? I don't have any buddies down here to help me on this. I've only ordered the unit - no software & I'll do what you tell me!

    Thanks / Peter
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