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  • Hi MEB,

    If you want to report the condition of the bog bridge, you can email Cristin Bailey at the USFS Saco District. She is the trails manager. [email protected] (I'm assuming this is the Nancy Pond trail). I believe the bog bridging is recent. Cheers.

    hey MEB - got your message. probably be back home around April or May. miss you!
    Hey MEB! Was planning to try to call you while you were at Altopia this weekend, then went and forgot my phone at home. Glad you're enjoying being in your regular stomping grounds. Hope Mtn Mama treated you well yesterday! Good luck on the rest of the trip to Katahdin!
    Hi MaryEllen:

    Love your journal and thanks for sharing and I look forward to following your progress on the AT. Andrew is flying down on Tuesday the 30th and I think you'll be close in time. I hope you 2 get a chance to meet at some point. He's a good kid.
    I'm doing a blog for him while he's away. That website is: andrewontheat.com

    Take care and have a great time. Gary
    nice meeting you at the j.r. ! Wow, if the mighty meb could not make it, it must have been tough! :D
    Hello Mary Ellen: Remember me? It's Gary, friend of Peters . I last saw you in a van on the first, very rainy, day of the Trek across Maine. Anywho, Peter tells me you are thinking of doing the AT this spring. Andrew, my son is planning on going down on March 30th. Hope all is well. gl
    Nice to finally hike with you, MEB! Really enjoyed the Moriah-Wildcats traverse and the b'day parties (plural) for Mr. S 'n B at Cruddy's. :p Happy b'day to you later this week! Now to place an order at LL Bean...
    Thanks MEB...we've spent a lot of time in Maine this summer and I've loved everywhere that we've been. Maine is just beautiful!!!
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