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  • Just saw your message.

    Life is good. Hiking all the time. Just did a 2nd single season winter 46er round while waiting for the bushwhacking season to return.

    Planning on spending a few days in the whites at Easter with my wife doing highlights like Franconia and a couple otr three Northern Presis.

    Hard to believe how this site has gotten so visually ugly but wtf, not my problem.
    thanks for the greenie -- and I agree with you regarding the "cult" aspect...that's the feeling I got from it, anyway.
    Thanks for the heads up! It sounds so '80s cool!' I can't wait until the CD comes out next week!
    Thanks, Guy -- Any time you want to get Conor together again with the girls, let me know. We had a great ime that day.
    Wow, I've talked to every other boston who I've seen in the ADKS and they all say the same thing... You actually should wait a few months and go this winter, it's pretty and it's more wildernessy in winter than those whites... :) Lots of slides to climb too!

    Yeah...thanks Giggy!!! I'd definitely be up for that...keep me posted and I'll keep my vacation time available. A few people have offered to show me the glacier stuff so I should be up to speed by then. We can talk at sherps...we'll definitely be there for Saturday night.
    Thanks! I couldn't have asked for better conditions... and it was a ton of fun trying out my new crampons, too. :)
    Thanks for the greenie!!! Had we known you guys were in Tucks we would have looked for you. Sorry we missed you at Barnes...next time.
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