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  • Thanks Karen. G1 or G2?? We still have some miles to walk before G1 is done and plan to have it finished next year. There are a few monthly finishing peaks that have been intentionally saved. G2 - we'll see. There are a couple difficult months coming up and then a lot of G2 hikes.
    Hi there!

    Thank you for breaking out Liberty and Flume! We are planning to go there on Saturday. Best regards and happy trails, Marty
    Thank you for the green-spot, Cymbidium. And thank you for the kind words about my dogs -- they do have a lot of fun on the trails. Get into some trouble, too!
    thanks Karen..nice to see you guys tonight..and I look forward to many more in the future..ashland bk at 8 tomorrow if you are interested..probably cannon
    Karen -- thank you for the green square. Yes; I'm pleased with the shots...but I want...MORE! MORE PRETTY PICTURES!
    good day out for sure and enjoyed as well..thanks for the greenie..good day on Isolation today though we had to break out lots of trail...
    Thanks for the greenie and your positive comment on the Cannon hike. It certainly was a brisk day.
    Thank you! I have from Dec 21 - Jan 3 off from work and would love to hike if you're around. :)
    Thanks for the Greenie. We've been venturing to the White Mountains since our first trip in 1993, when we hiked Mt. Washington. We were instantly hooked. Fortunately, we have been able to vacation 2 - 3 times a year since then. We've come to know so many nice people there and do feel as it is our "second home". Keep your reports coming. Maybe will see you next time we are "home".
    Thanks for the green square. Regarding meeting us on a hike, do you hike with Mark (aka "Silverfox") regularly? Now that our busy season has gone by and we have more time to hike mid-week, we're looking to hike more with Mark. Perhaps we'll meet you then?
    Hi again Cymbidium. I haven't really been on this site for awhile and am just now noticing that I missed your response to my last post to your page. I had no idea I would need to come back to your page to see if you responded! I thought it would send me a message or something, but alas! It did not! My 4 day backpack was out in the Bonds. We had come in over N. Twin and spent two nights at Guyot Campsite and one night on Zeacliff. It was spectacular!! It looks like we just missed each other out there!
    That would be great. I have a friend in Maine who I hike with in summer, but she doesn't get over here much in the winter. I just started to winter hike last year - newbie.
    sort of vacation this week if you can call hiking 4 days a vacation...great days in different places with varied terrain..washington was amazing..thanks for the greenie..down in RI for a couple of days but looking towards adams and jefferson for sunday
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