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  • Bummer. I have conflicts almost every Tuesday with regular monthly meetings. But, I will try to get out with the group at some point in time. You are right - I checked my hiking log: Mt. Israel on Jan. 22 with Helen and Karen. Somehow it was hard for me to reconcile your picture with you all covered up for winter! Betsy
    Silverfox and I and others will be hiking on Tuesdays if you are available! I think I may have hiked Mt. Israel with you last year???
    Karen Maineri
    Nice report about Chocorua. I was on the Piper trail late yesterday evening and went as far as the Pentacook Camp. I'm thinking of adopting part of the trail. I'll have to bring my axe next time I'm up around the Beeline! Thanks.
    hey Jabberwalk..meeting at cotton mt, 800 to car spot and head up morgan tomorrow, thursday if you are interested
    The trail for Sentinel is actually on Valley Road, on the grounds of the Terrace Pines campground. The current plan is to meet at McDuffee Road (which is where the planned hike ends), then take maybe 2 or 3 vehicles (depending upon how many hikers we have) to the Sentinel trailhead, leaving the rest of them at McDuffee.

    I'm currently using a low top Garmont. I was on Vasques from May-Aug, but they wore out too quickly.
    hey jabberwalk

    thniking of getting a hike together tuesday..sounds like a maybe wet afternoon maybe 80%
    any goals?
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