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  • Elizabeth, nice report for Smarts! Any trail issues that need taking care of? I'm the adopter coordinator for DOC...thanks!
    I very much enjoyed your Galehead hike slide show. Great doggie shots! I do many hikes with my dog Becker.
    Although we live in Tamworth, we did about a dozen trips to Lyme/Dorchester over the winter for skijoring and dog sledding. It's one of the few places that had good snow this winter, and it's a convenient mid-way point to meet-up with friends from Windsor, VT, who have 19 dogs we've been sledding with. You're lucky to be so close to the Lyme trail network. We met Bob a couple of times over the winter, and have become pretty familiar with his great trails.
    Hi Elizabeth! Good to see another skijoring fan on VFTT. You've got a great network of trails available in the Lyme/Dorchester area. We've done a lot of dog sledding and skijoring in the area this past winter.
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