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Tom Rankin
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  • Thank you, Tom! I wish I could have bumped into you and Laurie while you were out in the Whites. Hopefully next time... :)
    Glad the report was helpful. From what I hear the conditions will be changing tomorrow. That's why I went out yesterday. It was a case of getting what I could while the getting was good. :)
    Rt. 47 is the shortest way, but you can go from the Wittenburg side, or from Denning as well. If you have time, take the Curtis-Ormsby trail down and turn right at the bottom, where you will find the memorial stone. Good views along the way as well, on 'the road less traveled'.
    Which side are you referring to for the climb ? East or West ?

    thx again. Oh never mind .. found the directions online. Thanks again. :D
    How hard is Slide peak ? Looking to do the 3500 club in Catskills ... any info would be helpful

    Hey Tom, our schedules will line up at some point. I'm working on our Saturday plans right now and will let you know what we're up to. We only have Saturday for hiking this week and we'll probably grab one of our larger hikes.

    Stay tuned.......
    Thanks for the reputation, now as far as I recall, the distance to Edmands path is shorter from Base Road then it is from 302 but it's flatter going in from 302. I've walked both sections a couple of times & have ridden a bike also so I could go up Cap's Ridge & down to Crawford Notch with just one car. Given a preference, I'd go from 302 if I had to do the roadwalk.
    Apparently the Mt. Clinton road will remain open as long as there is no snow. If tomorrow's snow doesn't amount to too much or if it melts off it could well be open next week. That approach knocks off almost four miles over the usual winter route and it was sort of a gimmie that I couldn't resist. :)
    New year's timeframe. We started out with Paradox last winter, but Zippy was skittish, (and almost blind at the time), so we turned back. Really, we had trouble finding the trail starting down from Pierce, any clues?
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