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  • Thanks, I think it was one of the closest brushes with a major hiking accident I've ever had. I still marvel at how it turned out and it did indeed make me even more cautious through sections where a spill would have been potentially much worse.
    Nope, no Monadnock for me. I almost went. We walked Boo a couple of miles later. That was enough to make me very glad I didn't go!

    Bad news on the dots - we didn't follow part of the section before Tully. From the car, we crossed 32 and started west on Royalston road. We turned northwestish into the woods - remember the logging? It's the route shown on the 2002 map. The 2011 map - the one with the dots - shows the trail continuing along Roylaston road, crossing the Tully Pond causeway, getting to Mountain road, then ascending Tully Mt from the south. The turn off Royalston must've been fairly well marked since we didn't miss it and didn't have to search for it. The trail itself was well-blazed and looked used. Once we got to the ledges, we could see the trail that came up from the south, and that was blazed blue. I plan to go back soon - I'm curious whether the road is blazed further along. I'm sorry I got us off the official route!
    meb and i were a couple of weeks behind u..ugot some sweet pics..loved the bighorn plateau
    Yes, I started on the 5th of August from Happy Isles. Only made it to Red's Meadow though and had to get of the trail due to unforseen circumstances... I will certainly go back and finish! It was amazingly beautiful. Glad you had a great hike and were safe!
    Thanks vegematic, I had not done that hike in about 8-10 years, and if you have to do any section of the Link, that's the one!
    Yes, that was me, my friend owns the house across the street from the trailhead.

    After passing you we cut through the woods over to First Mountain and took the first mountain trail most of the way down before cutting over to the trail up Mt Crag

    The entire area is getting crosscrossed with trails, reminds me of Randolph
    Thanks for the green thing, vegematic. Do you have some sort of Unknown Pond fixation?
    Thanks for the kind words and support. I'm hoping that with all of VFTT behind us, things will turn out well
    Your link on the Mount Moriah Skyline post doesn't work. Can you fix? I took out the #44 and it worked. Thanks!
    Just realized something. I was a temporary vegan as part of my plan to lose weight. It worked; I went from 173 to 155 in five weeks. So instead of "veganitis" should I have called it veganatrophy?
    Thanks for the explanation. Still a bit foggy about how a 160-lb body can exert more than 160 pounds force, but your example is a good one and I know from experience it is correct. In addition to August being my "vegan month" it was "pullup month" and the wide grip pullups were much harder than narrow grip pullups.

    I found the comment about hammocks and lean-tos on some random web site. It was not about the AMC lean-tos in particular; it was just warning you to be careful because some lean-tos might not be able to support the hammock.

    Veganitis. I get it now. Like Appendicitis or Laryngitis. I should have asked my wife. She is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so she knows the medical terminology.
    I see you are a physics teacher. Can you explain the following to me?

    I have a hammock I use when backpacking and camping. I read that you shouldn't tie it to AMC leantos because the hammock exerts 600 pounds of force on its supports and might pull the leanto over.

    How can a hammock with a 160 pound occupant exert 600 pounds of force?

    I use 300 pound test line to hang the hammock. That's almost twice what I weigh so I thought that should be enough. But it is half what the article claims a hammock exerts in force. I am confused.
    Sorry I'm a bit slow, but I don't get the "swelling of the vegan" reference. Anyhow, I wanted to drop some weight, fast, just because. So I cut out most grains, including all my favorite: breads, noodles and alcohol. I also tried to cut out all animal products, but wasn't strictly vegan. If the family was having salad with chicken, I picked out the chicken as best I could and ate the salad. Anyhow, I dropped from 173 at the end of July to 157 this morning, not bad for a middle-aged guy at 5'10". I really liked not eating much meat, but I sure missed my bread.
    Since I am heading to BSP soon for the 5th time (4th to South Branch area), this was perfect to get me energized! In addition, you are the only person I know besides my wife and me that did the Howe Brook Trail! Lastly, your writing style and pix were absolutely outstanding. It told a great story.

    Happy trails and thanks again!
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