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  • Thanks for the greenie, and the kind words. To answer your question, I have the following hikes left: Cabot/Waubek (thinking of doing a hit and run on these), two of the Carters (Middle and South) and Moriah, Carrigain, Owl's Head, Franconia Ridge (Lafayette, Lincoln, Flume, and Liberty), and the Presidentials (all minus Jackson) and Isolation. The latter group will be done in a three-day loop first week of July with a finish for the year and my lifetime list on Madison. Then I plan to do them again... to kill time before the winter set begins :)
    I hope you keep that promise to yourself to finish the JMT. The first part was nice but a lot of the southern part was OMG SPECTACULAR! I want to go back and revisit some places.
    Used to do it all the time. I think the last time I did, was after that buggy, hot hike up Mt. Katadin. Had to do it! But you are so.... right...refreshing!!
    Ever go in literal ice water?
    I hinted, but got no response. i think they were set on a cold one back at the lot!
    Thanks for the box! Never knew I was getting them for the longest time!! (so smart)
    I hiked up early -- 2:30 am start from Great Gulf. New crunchy crust down below, but about a foot to two feet of new powder beginning around the steeps past the Osgood Tentsite. Saw two pine martens (one on the road on to the trailhead, the other near the trailhead) -- always a bonus.
    Thank you for the green square; makes the eyelid frostnip from yesterday that much more worth it!
    Thank you! Glad you are enjoying! Yes, they prefer that you do a summer stint first. Some people are not suited for the possible isolation, and some just decide they just don't like it and want to leave, but luckily that doesn't happen too often. I highly recommend the program. If you have not been in the Observatory I suggest you come up and take a tour. That will give you a good idea if you want to take the next step and volunteer. You do have to be a member to volunteer. I have made many friends here and they really treat you like family. Great people and a great organization!
    Thanks for the "greenie" for my Stanton/Pickering report. I agree with you. I think it is a nice hike. It's unclear to me why there are some who dislike it. Guess it boils down to "different strokes for different folks"!;):)
    Thanks! Do let me know if you are free to hike sometime soon. Toby would love to meet Geneva :)
    Just saw your comment! Unfortunately, I can't claim to have summitted Denali. I made it up to Zebra Rocks before having to turn back due to my foot getting dangerously close to frostbite. It's my own fault and I wasn't taking care of myself. Lesson learned. But hey! Gives me a reason to go back! It was a fantastic trip, nonetheless.
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