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  • Oh....that's electrifying!!! I was down the Cape off season once, and just for giggles went from sauna, as long as I could stand it, then to the pool 3 times (sorry, that wasn't ice water then) but I was so charged, ..much later I looked at the clock and it was about 6:30 AM and said, wow...I've got to get to bed..it's almost time to get up!
    Yup, you may just be!
    Oh yeah! My dad used to help out a friend who owned a Sauna in Richmond Maine. In the winter he cut holes in the pool ice so you could go from the sauna and plunge into the pool and then into either the hot tub or back to sauna. Amazing we didn't all die of heart attacks! : ) I've gone into the ocean in Feb in Maine a few times as well, for fun. We did some crazy things as kids I guess. My friends think I am part Polar Bear... wonder why?
    It is mind numbing cold! My sister and I jumped in once after the hike and I thought we were both going to die. The kind of cold that just takes your breath away. Quite refreshing! :)
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