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  • Greetings from area code 207...me and some mates are interested in crashing your bash on Friday nite. We'll be hiking Breadloaf/Wilson Friday and want to bag Dorset pre-Equinox and y'er right there. Got room for 3-4 Maineiacs in your field? With dig Beer, Bourbon, Bonfires and Bacon so it would seem we're naturals for this annual spectacle of yours. Cheers!
    A belated greeting UNFROZENCAVEMAN, I just found out from du truancy that you were the fella in the pumpkin colored VFTT shirt at the Highland Center. You guys had finished eatin and were headin out the door too fast to cathc up and say "hello", nice to see somebody from VFTT!
    Hey Caveman: How's your assault shootin friend?? Tell Scott it's my turn to be assaulted next time :)
    so..I am sitting in my PT office waiting for the torture routine..I reach over to the magazine rack and low and behold..National geog neaderthal issue is right there..stragely..this helped me relax and think of the mountains....
    unfrozen, your birthday present is my presence at your melting snow 101 class. will there be a test?
    I was conceived in a cauldron of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. I'll bring chips :).
    yeah dude,
    your status went up a few points in my book! its all good though. i wimped out, didnt feel like driving east. besides that the snowboarding was fantastic at stowe on saturday, even better on sunday.
    So, UFC: unless you post the date soon we won't be able to warm the Cave for ya! We've been cranking some rockers out so EVERYONE should pack the dancing shoes: lots of Stones, James Gang, and some REAL surprises. Post the date so all can plan!
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