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  • Jim,
    Of course I remember you! Just back from a bunch of days away. Spent some time in NH, ME, and CT. Fun times!

    I think I was in #2, but can;t really remember.

    If plans change, come by: BL is a hoot!
    Hey Sherpa,
    Jim Willette here. Remember me? We met when you hiked Sandwich Dome. I've been thinking about you recently because I will be staying at South Branch Pond Lean To #2 next week. Isn't that the one you stayed at when you hiked the Travelers? That was the last time I saw you.
    I was going to try to get to your place for the Bearly Live Festival this year, but after Baxter, we are going to Hermit Island, which is south of Bath. It would just be too much travel to do all 3 in one week.
    Anyway, I hope you are healthy and happy.
    Take care.
    Jim and Gary
    Tobit: Just saw this. I've been up in Maine a ton. Thanks for the B'Day wishes. What's your name, and where are you from? We could be related!
    I heard about this awesome country song you guys play and I wanted to check out the bluffs web-site...which is ...
    195 is pretty impressive. Just loking at that steel tower is enough to make you soil your pants let alone jump off it. Very Kool!
    Not very far. I had the record for one day in Hanover (143) though on eh jump that they had on teh golf course (Storrs Hill?). My best on the Nansen was 195, in the "average" category, but it felt pretty cool. I did go 100ft in the state meet on the Kennett jump: 100 feet is nearly dead flat. Not much time before you slam into the hay bales.:rolleyes: Check that jump out (I'm sure that you have).
    Thanks for jumping in on the "Hiker's who Ski too". Speaking of jumping what was your record jump on Nansen?
    It went pretty good! Managed to keep my job.. so far. Wishingyou and your family Happy Holidays!
    Hey! Thanks, SK! BTW, I met some guys on Franconia Ridge who said they know you! One had the screen name "Norm" and they were from Connecticut. Nice guys! Hope you had a good trip!
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