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  • Thanks for the greenie Freddy!!
    Wish I could of made Gail's party..looked like fun! Hope to catch up with you playing music or for a hike soon!!
    Didn't want to post this for the "public" because it is just heresay, but yesterday we were hiking on some of the trails in the Castle in the Clouds region of central NH and met a couple of hikers. One said he had heard there was talk of mountain lions being spotted there and hoped to see one of them.
    Thanks for the greenie, even though the thread was hijacked by a friend. We didn't have clear skies where we were in Northern Maine so missed out on it ourselves.
    Freddie and Gail, Sorry I missed you over the holidays but glad you didn't take home the cold I had!;)
    Are you doing any hiking this weekend? I think I am doing a local hike in the PA GRAND CANYON. I was up there last weekend and there was still snow on the ground. Looked pretty neat with all the leaves still around.
    Freddy, great music saturday night, thanks...pleasure to meet both gail and yourself...im still jealous of that midnight under the stars/sunrise campout...one for my too do list ..
    I know you could do it! Yes I would love to grab a hike next time. Did I ever tell you I am a slow hiker??? HOLY CRAP I ran my legs off to keep up with them people:D
    Hi Freddie & Gail,
    I'm staying til Monday August 3rd. If you guys want to stay at the mountain house
    with me I'd love to have you.
    I can't really hike fast anymore. I'm at a snails pace.
    Let me know when your coming down. We won't be to the camp site until Saturday
    night. We have a commitment with Search and Rescue on Saturday.
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