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  • some day i will figure out how to post a private post to you - but in the mean time - good luck on your exam!!!!!!!!!!!
    hey - we are thinking of doing Tom and Field this weekend - can you get to one from the other????
    Hey michael, did you hike Scar Ridge on Monday? I was in Baxter, finally after many attempts...I got Coe! Let me know if you and your friends are still up for Scar.

    I did get my pole. Thank you sooooo much.
    donna, our buddy andy is willing to go get scar with you...he needs it too. as soon as I get the go ahead I will send along his contafct info...maybe monday of Presi-day weekend?? my bro and I are wanting to go to VT to get some peaks he has done - we are all three of us trying to finish WNEHH next year. We all are trying to coordinate this but it takes some work fer sure.
    Hi donna, nice to have met and chatted with you Saturday. Please tell me you got that ski pole?? Tried to leave it in an obvious spot.

    ordered tix for Lu Williams- you'd best not back out now. They will be at will call. I am so excited, I have been reading the forums, checking setlists etc. Sh'e doing some really good shows, mixing up a lot of old stuff. What are your favorite songs, or what do you want to see her do? I honestly like em all, even the slow ballads.
    she's a brunette now....
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