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  • thanks for your comment! and love the new avatar! did you turn back? :)
    Thanks GG!!! You must go to Acadia!!! You guys would have loved it although your trip sounded pretty awesome too. Travelers is on the list and I hope to get there soon.
    Hey, were you on the Carter-Moriah range today? I saw Mats and MEB at Carter Hut and they said they'd ran into you and Jason. Bummer I missed you. It was so awful, humit, hazy, and nasty out there!

    Thank you for the green square as well. :)
    Honestly, i cant stand Seinfeld if that is what you are talking about. not sure what seinfelt is though........for a moment i though you guys had some bad pot in your hood!
    Thank you so much for the kind words. Funnily enough, the injury doesn't look bad at all now that it's washed off... just a few tiny scrapes!

    Will you be joining us for the Kilkenny Traverse in August??
    Hi gillian - eye feels fine, just have annoying squiggly blood cells floating around. Got hit in the other eye with a tennis ball coupla years ago, and had a bleed - took about a year for the crap to dissipate... aw well. Sad I'm missing the waltham brew nights... come up to VT sometime this summer!
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