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  • Hi Michael: Lefty E here..thanks for breaking out trail on Carter Dome my friend Rod and I took advantage of it Monday...in reference to your hike to Goose Eye, with this snow happening, in the past from the Berlin side, Success Pond Rd has been plowed only up to the Success Trail turnoff. So don't know if it would be plowed up to the GE Trailhead..if I was not working I would check it for you but not able to..I also would like to join you but unable to..you will be breaking trail again!! We enjoy your posts and info..hike safe Lefty E
    Bring it on Michael - we'll welcome you with open arms brother! Try to get back for Saturday night - that's the big night, there'll be two bands playing and tons of food...and when I really turn up the fire!
    hey..thanks for the greenie..nice to see you guys out on the trail today..sure was a good one..sure was a nice trip down wasn't it??
    Coulda used your help on North Jackson this past Saturday, Michael! Saw your name in the jar. What a nice peak... saw 4 moose bedded down up there along the way.
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