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  • oh, i was also in CO and OR for a bit and did some nice stuff including South Sister (great hike/climb) and a bunch of "smaller stuff" near Bend right when the Rooster Rock fire was raging--good stuff--also saw/hiked a bit around Crater Lake--wow is all i can say for Crater lake

    Hey Albee --thanks--i may go back up there , who knows--right now i'm in an "really sick of these drives/bushwacks modes"

    -done 196 of first 200 ME prominence peaks and into #200-300, but abandoned for now

    anyway, been doing a lot of running, been to the NJ shore for a week and have returned to my favorite "rockpiles" with repeat, all out (for me :) ) climbs up ABOL, Traveler Loop, Coe Slide/Brothers,etc

    hope this finds you well and happy

    Thanks! I'm glad someone out there agrees with me :)
    One of these days I'm going to hike it from Bald Mtn. Pond.....there is a woods road that heads off in that general direction form the Fishing access on BMP....my family has a camp on Newark Pond, which is close by....
    Hey albee...N. Jackson was a very cool peak. Found two dead moose on my way and a large antler.
    Hoping to be able to join you on North Moat.
    See ya 'round!
    Al--i am still a bit hazy on this "stuff' and am not sure if you'll get this, but...noticed dRitter's notes on nebush...wowsa, you guys are tough, i quit my own modest explorations a few weeks ago--the Baker-Lily Bay traverse was pretty serious stuff this time of year (hope you saw me in the Baker register)--too bad you didn't do Little Spencer in the dry, really nice hike--like the little chimney? i usually never trust anything like that rope, but...be well---jim
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