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  • Thank ya :)

    I'll subcontract you out for the hein whacks in the future.
    Hi Jim,
    I climbed Musquash Mtn a couple weks ago, and I just did a search here on VFTT to see if anyone agreed with my assessment. I saw your little back-and-forth with Roy, and I have to agree with Roy on this one. When I got there, I was skeptical about the summit, and visually it looked like the SW bump was higher. I bushwhacked over there and my altimeter agreed that the SW bump was 15' higher. Not sure if you care at this point, but I'm just giving you an independent opinion/observation. Great views from part-way up the tower!
    Thanks, friend! Sometimes I wish I were more mature. I guess we both have things to be thankful for.
    hi Dennis--am not sure if you're referring to my little list of prominence peaks--if so, yeah, they are often way off the grid--sometimes a drag, but usually interesting and occasionally really neat--i'm working on MEP #151-200 right now--a bunch of 3Ks, but also stuff around 1300'--all in the 880-998' "bottom to top" category --if you refer to something else, well...then i've just been babbling :)

    have plans for a number of pretty obscure peaks in northern Aroostook County if i can get a decent weekend after return from NJ shore from whence this is written

    be well

    Hi Al--still not sure how this new message stuff works--i don't even remember "what" list that is...just a bunch of random peaks i've climbed over the last 30 years --not even sure "why" i have this, probably some "late at night" thing i stumbled on--anyway...as you might guess, i quit for the year over a month ago and have lurked a bit on nebush and VFTT, but i'm hibernating for a bit before planning my 23 "list" peak ascents for 2009--also hope to have some fun doing some bigger rock piles like Great Gully, up and over Hamlin from Roaring Brook thru NW Basin to Russell, etc--hate the winter and the dark--be well---jim
    Yo fellow whacker- apparently you were on Deer earlier in the day from me. For the most part the registers I open in Maien haven't been visited in over a year, Saturday when I hit the top at 4 pm I saw that you had been there the same day. Whack on!
    Damon (aka DRitter)
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