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  • Nice catching up with you this weekend as well. This coming weekend is a buddy of mines bachelor party in Burlington - looks like hiking is out for Saturday so I'll probably bang out some sort of Camels hump stomp on Sunday mid-day, surprisingly, I've never hiked Camels hump. I know it's a short hike, but supposed to be a good one, and I followed up our Presi Traverse (which a few of us took all the way down to Webster) with a "basic" Pemi Loop on Sunday....something in the neighborhood of 55 miles and 19K+ vertical for the weekend so I won't feel bad about taking next Saturday off!!
    Dude, the economy isn't quite that bad yet. Once my 401K starts turning into a negative number AND my 800 lbs of rice I still have left over from the Y2K scare (which I can cook it in my Y2K proofed crock pot, that cost me $1200), then I will be up for the backyard-collecting maple leaf soup cook off, but I am not touching the 300 lbs of maple leafs that I have stored in my basement for the upcoming YtheStonesaredoinganotherTour... (I think the end is near...)
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