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Jay H
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  • Thanks. It's a he. His name is Macavity, named after one of the characters in the musical "Cats". He'll be 11 years-old in May.
    ;ay... Close friend and his hiking partner went up fri... Left bataviakill 09:27:40 on Sat to do the traverse. 1am Sun they called 911. They found one guy last night late. Still looking for my friend. That is all we know for sure right now.
    Congrads on Balsam last weekend. I was one of the guys who climbed Eagle. That was one heck of a hike! We bushwhacked straight up. We were going to try to stick to the trail once we hit the ridge but it was more trouble than it was worth and we just kept on following our compass and GPS. One of the most beautiful days in the woods in a while and well worth the effort! I'm glad other people got to enjoy it and not get spooked by all the snow. Take care-Bob Massey.
    Planning on Cliff and maybe Redfield with Bubba and maybe Maria on skis as far as Interior outpost. You could run off ahead on snowshoes and pack the trail :)
    Shenandoah is good for training. I have pioneered (in the minor sense) a few new routes there... a little steeper than the trails Like the north ridge of old rag in the winter... Has some good scrambling and maneuvering. The most elevation change you will find south of NY is right around old rag and hawksbill. The combination of old rag, cedar run, hawksbill, and whiteoak canyon in a day has always been a favorite challenging link up. Great to hear you have an old mtb if you will head down this way. Patapsco has amazing single track riding. Also there is usually great riding around some of the local resevoirs and other state parks. PA is also good, but a reach if you are not riding much right now. Sugarloaf mountain is fairly local, I have done as a long bike ride from clarksville (not feasible from aberdeen) but has some good toproping. There are a lot of local little crags in central maryland. Annapolis rocks near fredrick has good rock climbing. The ridges of the Appalachians run pretty flat. I try and mix up my activities for training. Aerobics such as trail running and mountain biking have been really key around here. I gotta run its my nephews bday... Ill keep you informed about local places if you need it.

    Yeah, there is no doubt you would be putting yourself further from the mountains with that move. I am guessing you would be about 4.5-5 hours from the catskills. NY City would be about 3 hours for you. I have been driving up the new jersey turnpike a lot lately rather than the western route which might be better for the catskills. If I drive that far, usually I will push on to the daks. I am getting up there about 3-4 times during the winter now.
    If you come up that weekend let me know. Might be able to join you if the timing is right.
    Good luck! I know how tough it is doing that from so far away. Also hope the forecasts get better for you. Not sure what youare hiking but it looks like rain.....
    Arberdeen is about an hour northeast from me. Sea Kayaking would definately be a plus in that area. West Virginia and Virginia and Western MD have some of the best hiking for the area (I still prefer to drive north if I can manage the time). There is some really great mountain biking around if you ride (some of the best on the east coast).
    Hey Jay, I remember you. Let me know if you move down this way. For one, that would make carpooling up north possible. I also grew up around here and know the hiking pretty well here. Keep me posted with what happens or if you ever want to head out hiking/climbing sometime.
    Jay, unfortunately no. Wife is going to be away so need to be home for the weekend. You coming up? Maybe I can ditch my son :) Ah, guess I can't....
    I was till i found out it was same weekend as guys weekend which is first day of Duck hunting here in the NE, sorry i'll not be there and i was really into being there....
    I will let you know if I can make MAGIC after this weekend. Tell you later what is going on :)
    Hi Jay

    Was up in the Catkills working on my trail this past week end. I thought of you and hope you are feeling OK.

    Let me know if you would like any help on your trail or company on a hike.

    I have been going up to Harriman alot these days- enjoying all the swimming and bluebery picking, etc.
    It seems every visit there I see at least one bear. They are more numerous then the deer ticks!

    Thanks for the B-day greetings

    Happy Trails
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