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Dave Bear
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  • D'oh! Sorry to hear about all that. Definitely get the neck/back/shoulder worked up and get PT on the insurance of the guy who hit you. I was a passenger in an accident back in the 90's and that PT on my shoulder made all the difference in the world. I hope you can turn it into a fun exercise replacing the Jeep. Glad you're okay!!!
    The Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo got "Last Rites" a week ago Sunday. Came on to a plow truck spun out across both lanes of RT293 got my speed in check and pulled to the left lane to avoid cars already stopped in front of me. Young fellow came around the corner with a head of steam and crammed me under the back end of the plow truck. Walked away but took the ambulance ride to get checked out. Wrenched my neck, back and shoulder some but okay. Shopping for the Jeep's replacement right now and Ebony my trusty Subaru steed decided to take a vacation when I need it most! Had my camera out and took some pics which I may post from a faster PC after vacation week.

    Edit for pics: http://good-times.webshots.com/slideshow/569670506cNvykK
    Hi Dave....your inbox is full!!!

    I got your message late last night....I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. I hope you are starting to feel better.

    My recovery hike went well last weekend. Paul, Andy and I hiked Pierce and boy was it cold!!! Thankfully there was barely any wind. We fed Gray Jays at Mitzpah Cutoff and at the hut. It was a nice to be out in the woods again. My foot felt pretty good....now I just need to get back into shape.

    Hope to see you on the trails again soon:)

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

    Dave Bear,
    Thanks. I'll eat the pie, cake and ice cream. That's why I hike!
    Hey there Dave BEar :)
    I got an e-mail from a VFTT guy and his friend who was also rejected last year to go in Dec 28/29 for an overnight for low snow levels. My only concern there is for possible crossing issues if waters are running high with no ice/snow bridges yet. I asked about bringing along friends, the usual only if strong and experienced applys.
    hey dave bear..if you get a chance, could you send me some of those fox pics? that was really cool! it was good to see you again...
    Thank you for the add'l Moose pics, Dave!! Also, thanks for being a great friend and always keeping in touch!! ;-)
    What? No visitor messages!!??
    Hello Dave Bear! Long time no see....maybe we will run across you in the mountains tonight or tommorrow...counting down to 115 tommorrow....shhhhh....
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