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  • Hey Ron,
    Mike Paggiol emailed me that you are headed into the Twins via Gale River Tr on the 24th with a group.
    Are you still going?
    We (4 of the BMTs) are probably doing the same route that day.
    Warm wishes,
    Climbing Stallion/BMT
    :smile: The Great Caboo and I walked all the way out to Prospect Hill & back this afternoon. Who's that calling?
    and i didn't even mean to send these notes to you via this "delayed" IM format, but rather by more conventional PM, but...guess i am way behind on the learning curve
    Hi Ron--appreciate the invite, but until i better understand the "social network" aspects and how they work, i am turning down all (very few :) ) invites. That doesn't mean I don't want to hear from chat with you/Dugan--while we only hiked once, it was a memorable one and I do think of you guys (and "jim"). Yoi may have noticed , I'm beating myself up on lonely wacks of obscure peaks, but having lots of fun

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