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  • Unlikely that it would be next year, for a couple reasons. We do not go out west every year, due to financial constraints. =(

    Perhaps we could meet for a day hike, and assess compatibility for future backpacking? You can never have too many hiking friends!

    I do tend to day hike pretty fast. On trips out West we do not hurry.

    I don't have a map of our route in electronic format. But the route is described in Banff's Backcountry Visitor's Guide (http://www.pc.gc.ca/~/media/pn-np/ab/banff/activ/pdfs/activ33_e.ashx) on page 2 under trip ideas. And it can easily be followed on Gem Trek's "Banff & Mount Assiniboine" Hiking Map and Guide. 1:100,000 scale. I ordered my copy online for about $10, I believe it was from Longitude Books.

    Please don't hesitate to ask any other questions. It is definitely worth a return trip. I expect we'd explore Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park, next time we do go, based on photos and recommendations from other VFTTers.
    Thanks for the feedback! So glad you enjoyed the Banff photos. I am definitely, definitely going back there.
    Darl, let me know if you have any time this summer you'd like to share with us. A Friday night - Sat afternoon camping trip might work out well. I'm sure my girls would love to meet your grandsons.
    Thanks, Darlene. We'd love to hike with your grandsons (you have grandsons? I thought you were younger than I am!).
    Thanks for the greenie Darlene! Gotta catch you on the trail again sometime! Did you get to spend Valentine's with your two favorite guys?;)
    What a fabulous weekend Darl. Great to finally hike with you and really enjoyed meeting your folks and the Stonington trip!
    Darlene, Are you going out for beers at Nashoba on Wednesday night? We can talk about climbing at Crow Hill or the new gym.
    Let's do some climbing! I'm heading to the Gunks this weekend. Crow Hill was pretty wet this weekend, but there is a new climbing gym in Worcester that is pretty nice.
    Hey Darlene... ice cream at Jakes on thursday??? Looks like another rainy day on thursday....
    im guessing that you all planned your animal sounds well in advance as well?
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