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  • hey darl- I'll definitely be at the tuesday night show and would love to catch up beforehand! I'm thinking I'll get to arlington by 6....
    Hey Darlene!! I'm good. How are you? Good to hear from you. Just started hiking again. Ouch. & a half.
    When are we hiking?? Aghhmmmm. you'd have to carry me.
    Heading up to Twin tomorrow & hope to climb Moriah with Bill on Fri. if everything is ok. I got carried away & figured Owl's Head would be nice for a second hike in 09.:rolleyes: Not too swift sometimes.
    What are you up to?
    Have to hike this winter for sure. Ok?!!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes Darl. Had a great day! See you on the trails!
    the vomit has congealed by this point, so yeah, you can probably put candles in it!!
    Thanks! It was great to meet you as well. Hope we can hike together sometime soon... :)
    Happy New Year & Happy Birthday Darlene!!!:D About that toast, where might that prestigious event be taking place?;)
    My only butt sliding experience resulted in me tumbling down a slope toward a crevasse...I need to try it in NH.
    One bag of apples down.,one more bag to go....applesauce is in freezer..yummmm
    Awesome weekend Darlene! Sorry I was cranky when you guys came out from Success...was getting rather antsy, I guess:confused:!
    Yeah, we had a great time! It was my first 20 miler, my previous record being about 17.5. A beautiful day to do it, too, and excellent company!

    As it turned out I got up late on Sunday (can't figure out why, after only 20 miles:eek:) and hit the road after brunch with Hui Yeng, Courtney and Jeff. Had work do do at home to prepare for Monday morning. So I wouldn't have been able to join you anyway, at least not awake! I AM looking forward to climbing with you, though. Haven't done any in about 3 years, but at that time I could follow 5.6 trad, and probably a little more. I led a 5.7R section once, but that was a mistake off a 5.5 route!:eek::eek::eek: Didn't even fall, probably because I was too scared.

    So I hope you two had fun with your groups. How was the Gulf? I was there for the first time during the last Barnes blowout, and I fell in love with it.
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