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  • Hahaha, that new avatar is really cute. Don't know what the significance of it is, but I like it!
    No need... I stood in the middle of the river on very solid ice taking pictures.... I'll post later.
    Phil, did you bring an Inner tube for the Opolescent? Maybe somebody should leave one there and run a ferry service.. $5 per crossing..
    Right now it looks like either Colvin and Blake with Gail and Mimi or Franconia ridge with Sabrina and MJ on Saturday. Have fun in the Pressies!
    Hey Prino! Giggy and I are planning to do something in the norther pressies..maybe Adams...on Sunday. Forecast is deteriorating, tho, so may have to abort plans. What are you doing this weekend?
    Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry we didn't get to meet at the Ark, but I'm sure our paths will cross sometime.
    Happy Birthday Phil!
    Hope you have a great day!!

    Am planning a return trip to ADK's Presidents weekend!!

    Maybe see you again on the trails!
    Hey John! I'll be pecking away at those 100 highest bushwacks sure enough.... see you at the next gathering or 2!
    Phil -
    You finally got around to reading my post from '05! Your memory's hazy, though... You, Neil and I did that little TR Peak bushwhack during the Spence gathering of '05, not '06.
    After a long absense, I feel the Adirondacks pulling me back. Got a lot of bushwhacks left to do there. I hope to once again attend the Spence-fest next year and would enjoy a Sentinel range bushwhack or two. It's been too long since I've been sliced & diced in those nasty forests! If you're game, we'll see if we can make it happen. Now that you're a 46r, you'll have to keep pecking away at those hundred highest peaks....
    Hi Prino-
    I read your recent message but now I can't find it. I don't understand this new "friend" system. I do know Tom, I work with his wife.
    I have done little hiking. I spent most of the summer cycling. I did a Century ride in September, but now I have the winter hiking bug.

    I had hoped to join the group renting the cabin in Feb. but no luck... on those days I must work! I was very dissapointed when Lyle emailed me the dates.

    Keep me in mind if you have a hike planned.

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