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  • Wow . . . haven't been on here in . . . TOO LONG! Just seeing this message - haha. Nice meeting you, as well! Tish
    Sorry you're not going. I'll miss ya. Maybe if the kayak is done, we can get together and paddle somewhere?
    Do em again??? I'm doing the firetowers. So far...peace-o-cake. Stange feeling being done huh? I was lost for a while. Kinda on a high at first but lost after that. Had surgery and just starting hiking again. Feels so great just getting out.
    So have you finished your 48? This has been great hiking weather. My boots are giving me a problem since Haystack. Just went to a boot repair shop and they can't do anything,.... Guess its time huh?
    Hey there. Did you get the kayak done? How ya been and what ya been up to? Wonderful weekend huh?
    Hey Steve ~ It was a pleasure to bump into you & swap tales! Glad you had a nice walk up on the Franconia's. What a wonderful place to be in the evening! I bumped into my good friend Steve Smith (Mountain Wanderer) down at the Bondcliff / Wilderness trail junction, and so my day was topped off by sharing the trail with him back to the parking lot. See you out there!
    Hey Steve! Great to meet you too! You haven't met Neil!?! You are in for a treat! Come to the next Montreal beer night and you'll see!
    Laurie has the Northern Pressies, Galehead, and the Bonds left to go. Should be done by early August.
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