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  • thanks sabrina- wanted to chat with you about all of your peak bagging but the night flew by! another time...
    Are ants really living things? C'mon. Next you're going to tell me that I'm a living thing as well!!
    Hey...Crawford Ridgepole was fine..we hiked in the rain for a couple of hours with some chill and wind but the initial (steep) climb was dry and we finished in broken clouds with some sun..Excellent hike...lots of craggy ups and downs with various near and far viewpoints..
    Hi una dogger,

    Thanks for your offer! We'd welcome and appreciate your company!. Let's touch base again closer to December 6th and construct a loose plan. Much obliged!
    are you using this as a selling point? Or as a way to discourage me? So, what you're saying is that when I'm sitting there using my magnifying glass to burn ants on the trail, you'll wait up for me? I don't know how to take that...
    How do you like to keep a brisk pace but will hike whatever speed? Is there something that I'm missing?
    I am sort of an unstable wacko. Best to placate me.

    I've never hiked with you before!! I've hiked with Michael J!
    what do you have in mind..I must confess to being a little lame and hate to hold you back..hopefully knee work next month helps out for awhile..I hope..I hope..I hope..I hope..I hope..I hope..well, at least there is always skiing which, the way i go anyway, is much less wear and tear...wetaher sounds awful for tomorrow 100% chance of rain at 2000 feet, temps in the 30's with 20 mph winds....nice....so get that chore list charted out and checked off
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