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ADK46 completed 5/2008. NE115/NE67/NH48 completed 10/2008.
NEHH completed 9/2011. W48 completed 3/2012. 6 rounds of NH4Ks with Terra the TrailDog. NH 346/576
Jul 19, 1967 (Age: 56)
The Hinterlands of North Central MA
Favorite Trails?
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Medical Technologist, BSMT, ASCP-MLS, CM


ADK 46'r NE115'r NEHH NH 48 x 6 NH48W NH 331/576
:pTerra NH 48 x 6+ ~93/100 NEHH ~ ADK 35/46 ~RIP~
Pemi NH4K~ Gem NH4K


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