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  • Thank you. Looks rather like a long road from here, but we'll keep a good thought. Maybe see you out there, --Mike.
    Tried sending you a pm but it didn't go. Anyway thanks for the reply. I may submit something to the newsletter about my explorations of the other Pagus ledges over near the Bolles Trail, I hope the TB thing can be resolved, as hikers, I think of us as more considerate users of public and private property and this situation doesn't reflect that.
    I am a WODC member and a Views member. I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed and appreciated your WODC newsletter article when I first read it, and think you raised an important issue. I am not particularly interested in adding to the Views thread on this (as interesting as it has been) but did want you to know you have some support out here. By the way, the entire newsletter was terrific. I enjoyed the humor and even the article on fungi was interesting. I hope this debate does not make you reluctant to raise important issues.
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