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  • Winding down the year and planning on getting out a lot more once the school year ends. Almost thought this holiday weekend was a washout for me, but then said the heck with it, and made a drive up Monday for an awesome day hike with the mosquitoes. I've still got a darned good pace in the valleys. Did some winter backpacking and was in the Sewards several times in the fall, but stayed in the valleys. I can't wait to get up to the high peaks! Need to start doing some serious hiking to get back into those long 20 mile days. So yeah, it's just me defying those odds as usual.
    Nah, no book for us! We are just simple hiking folk who like the outdoors, no grand designs on stardom! How ARE you??
    No Skylight yet. :( Getting back into shape for a 20 mile day is taking some time and I don't get up to the high peaks like I used to. Looking at hopefully 2011 for Gray and Skylight. Longest pack in for an overnight was just over 6 miles one way to Calkins Brook in the Sewards. Made good time going in, but the knees were complaining the next day on the way out. That old logging road didn't give much( too many rocks) and I wasn't as careful with the pack weight as I should have been.
    Sabrina!!! Doing 1000% better! Yup, that is one thousand. No little aneurysm can slow me down :). Getting back into hiking. Working on getting back into some semblance of shape while doing my best to follow the weight limitation set by the neurosurgeon. Hip is still weak from the stroke so of course I make it work harder. Now to start tackling those big boys again, starting again with Cascade.
    How ARE you? I have missed you. I hope all is well. Thank you for your kind words.
    Hey glad to see you liked the pictures. I forgot how awesome that hike actually was till I did it again :)
    I am very glad to hear the surgery was a success! I know I am a little late in replying but I never knew you responded :) Happy belated B-day BTW!
    thanks adam! I'm back!!!! I was supposed to be able to go home the next day but immediately my femoral artery leaked when the seal didn't stick from the catherization. That kept me in ICU.So I was in a week instead of overnight. Oh and man, does that stent hurt going through the tangles of your brain!!!!! Even with drugs! And then another complication behind the eye. My brain just doesn't like metal shoved into it. But...overall it was a roaring success!!!! I've got a large hemotoma deep in my abdomen, the tissue and brain are being normal and not wanting metal, but it's all in! Now it can't burst. Buffalo was definitely the place to be. They were awesome. Not once was I afraid even when I knew I was leaking. I'd go back there anyday. They're following the eye closely because I had some blurry vision and shooting lightening strikes but this week I went back for an MRI that showed all was good to go. Heck it's metal! If we were designed for metal , we would have been born with it. :) It willjust ake some time for the tissues to get used to it being there. I am so, so looking forward to carrying a pack again. Oh and it will feel so good to throw my Hornbeck on my head and walk off the road. Sheer bliss.
    i don't use the view conversation. i just post messages on whoevers profile the conversation is taking place. :)
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