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  • Hi Pete, It was lovely meeting and speaking with you at the FSB the other evening. I enjoyed our conversations very much. When I returned home, I checked out your beard experiments...great stuff!! Hope we meet again sometime, Trish
    Happy Birthday ! You're in good company !

    BIGEarl, Pete_Hickey (55), SherpaTom (53), Tim Seaver (48)
    It was great to finally meet you. I enjoyed your photos too, but I which I had had more time to look at them.
    Pete, great time at the Putnam Pond trail work outing weekend! Thanks for all the special amenities and camaraderie.
    I don't know how you did it. The cold just penetrates into my feet and they ache so bad I can't ignore them.
    I thought this is facebook. Oh no, I clicked the wrong tab! It's got the same bunch of members anyway.
    OK. Just noticed this thing. I'm confused. Is VftT trying to take over FaceBook? Is this like my wall?
    This is a public private message to Pete! Don't expect privacy here. I can read your thoughts. Sorry about the Reddy by the way... I'll repay you with a greeny or two.
    yes I can see your answer
    no, it doesn't replace private messages
    someone explained it as a "Mini forum"

    I answered you by clicking on conversation. Let's see if this shows up in only mine or both of ours.

    Maybe conversation is just so you can follow through a particular give and take, a "conversation' that doesn't get lost in all the other posts of "hi, how your doing?"
    Pete needs needless trivial messages. His message box is very lonely.:p

    Pete, (down on my hands and knees)will you be my friend?:D
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