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  • Madison/Adams is all I need to finish my W48, too!
    (read your Carrigain TR).
    Not sure when I can get up that way, but I'll keep you posted if plans materialize. Good Luck on your finish! It looks like there will be quite a few of us finishing up this winter!
    I told Molly she got awarded a "greenie".
    She really is very cute which is her saving grace as "mom" tries to get her through her "teens".
    Ahh Gee, ya know, I'll not only turn back if Lauky gets cold, I'll even turn back if you get cold. :)
    Thank you! It's one of my favorite of the 48 Orange Summits pictures so far because Toby looks so dang cute... :)
    Teehee! Oh my! Partly I like instigating conversation on point. So maybe with a few inches of snow conditions would then be ideal. BTW early congrats on your W48 - only 2 left?!
    That's one way of putting it! She is doing great and loving hiking in this weather. Wore my Garmont Momentum boots last two days and the were still great on my feet. Looking forward to more trip reports!
    Sabrina, The North Twin Trail was in fine shape. There were no blowdowns or maintenance issues. The fallen trees at the upper river crossing is a nice touch!
    Happy New Year to you and MJ
    thank you miss for the greenie...and a very Merry Christmas to you, MJ, Terra, and the little one
    Hi Sabrina. This one is about a foot thick. It would take a large saw or someone like cooperhill with that ax of his. As I remember it's about knee high (maybe not quite that high) so it was an easy step-over and there are no branches at all on the portion of the tree that covers the trail. It was high enough that Lauky could have walked under it but he jumped it as usual--because of the leash it's something I've taught him to do. It really is not something that impedes progress. If the snow comes as usual this year it could go most of the winter without much notice.
    Thanks Sabrina, hopefully we can get together for some more list bagging soon. ;)
    Thanks for the "greenie". Will let you know for sure if they are working out. I just returned my first pair...too long. Waiting for the shorter ones to arrive.
    One day Sue made the comment "It would be nice if we finished the Grid together." After thinking about it for roughly one second I said "That sounds good to me." Since then we have been working with one combined list.
    Thanks Sabrina. Finishing??? If you're referencing Grid, we've got plenty to do. From now through April is loaded. The other months are in better shape. Mainly getting out only one day per week makes for slow progress. This is a tough time of year due to the holidays. We'll do as much as we can.
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