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  • Thanks. It was a nice hike. I have never hiked the Scaur Ridge Trail before, only the slide, and found it to be a very enjoyable trail. I will post a trip report in a day of two since I need to submit an essay with my winter 48's application.
    Thank you for the green square! I don't believe there is a list with those three yet, but perhaps I can be a trendsetter :)
    Hello, and thanks for some Irish green! I certainly do remember that meeting on Valley Way; I believe that was the day of the "serial postholers" from the Great White North, and the only other day that the wind was able to knock my ample frame on its keister!
    Best regards, and happy trails. Rick./
    Thanks for the greenie, wardsgirl! Yes, Alex can indeed be a goofball when it comes to pictures. Hope we meet you out there soon.
    Hi, I do remember meeting you both on that fine day! I ended up helping put up the flag on Passaconaway, because the leader of the FOT48 team was alone and struggling. His friends did not get there on time, as they were hanging out in the sun on the Whiteface ledges. You may have met them too....

    Have a great day!
    Yeah, one would think a question about a spring would be straight forward. I guess not!
    I hope I get the knack of this system before too long! Thanks for the laugh. D'oh.
    Skyclimber was my correspondent and she is a great person as well. When you are ready for a correspondent you can actually request who you want or they will just "give" you somebody. LEt me know next time your in my neck of the woods, as I could be your tour guide if you so wished :)
    Thanks a bunch :D It was my pleasure, I'm glad things have been cleared up for others as well, Skyclimber had some terrific posts!
    If you find yourself in need of company next time you have to check a trail, just give me a shout out.

    This person has other issues with me besides the kilt. You are correct about the MH kilt, it tends not to absorb water.
    That's a long way to go just to take out my aggression on some branches! I also suspect that I would probably go a bit overboard and violate wilderness guidelines if I were to adopt that :)
    Thanks -- hmmmm, I need to take a better look at the forecast, I guess. I have the option of hiking Sat and then taking the tram up Sunday, or just hiking Sunday. Hmmm. In any event, I'm sorry we won't meet this weekend.
    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. I've never used any of the funnel-type things, but may try it in the near future.
    I found the message -- there's more to VFTT than I realized! Jane went to college and worked as a social worker until the birth of her daughter last April. She and her husband, Scott, live down the road from me in Manchester. I've missed hiking with Judi and remember her telling about the Pemi hike. That was the one with the spruce grouse sitting on her pack, right? She had another fun story about being passed on the trail by a rabbit.
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