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  • >>>No problem! I always enjoy reading your reports- and I don't even have a dog!<<<

    What a nice thing to say. Thank you. And I'm happy to lend you Tuckerman, especially when he's being a nuisance around the house!
    Way, way overdue, but... many thanks for the green spot on the "Scenic Route" trail report. Much appreciated!

    /Steve B
    The Feathered Hat
    My pleasure! I was going to respond later with some thoughts, but it exploded and everything worth being said was already stated much more eloquently than I could put it. Very entertaining to read!
    I wouldn't worry about the rattlers from what I've been told. I've heard of them basking in the sun on the rock outcrops in some areas, but if one makes enough noise it gives them a chance to get out of the way. I've been surprised more by water snakes around here. I've surprised more than my share at some brook sides. Let us know if we can help.
    Unfortunately, no, not much advice at all. Haven't done any of those segment. The most hiking I've done around here is over at Hawk Mtn, where the AT passes nearby. I've done some other tooling around off the AT in Berks County but that's been searches for the ruins of old forts from the French & Indian War, and like I said, its all been off trail. I don't know what people will tell you about ticks, but I've only had 3 on me ever and found them all before they could attach. I don't think they are a big deal, but others will differ. I figure if I have time to hike extended, I ain't doin it here, I head north, home to NH. However, if you need a re-supply and will be passing through Berks on the AT, let us know.
    Thanks for the greenie and I'll let you know when the rabbit arrives in the rye. Speakin in code is so much fun!
    Kate and I have not yet camped in a shelter but I will have to try that thanks!!!!! She love tent camping though!
    Thanks for the greenie and the kind words of encouragement regarding Moosilauke TR. Hope to meet you out there some day soon.
    I'm sure if that when you come hit up the Dacks you'll have more friends than you'll know what to do with!! Thanks for the friendship :D
    Thanks, Wardsgirl, for the square and the feedback on the Cadair TR -- I've almost sorted out all of the ones for the Mt. Snowdon TR, and will post that soon!
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