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  • Great to meet you yesterday, and thanks for all the work you do on the trails. We did check out those campsites you told us about this morning, what a great resource! Will utilize those in the future!

    Trip report posted!
    For sure Donna. Barb and I are planning the presi traverse for this winter 2day one overnite, depending on the weather.
    Thanks wardsgirl. But have you ever seen the silly baggies those MTB guys wear??? Sheesh!
    Damn, I tried to arguye a point again. Should have known better. Remind me!
    Thank you, Wardgirl, for the vote of approval (via green square).

    Oh, and I agree with Giggy -- Echo and the Bunnymen do indeed rule...
    Hey..thanks for the greenie and your your continued positive support during this entire procedure..nice to reach conclusion.. enjoyed Twinway..well sort of..from Hut to NTwin spur the other day.steep and slabby but doable with evidence of newer stairs
    Echo and the Bunnymen rule!!!! very very underated... thx for the nice comments...
    Oh yeah I bet! Someday I'll check out the Dry River area. Its been an area of interest for awhile. Thanks!
    o: thanks for the comment-thinger thing! w00t! alas, i only just noticed it. apologies if it is like 14 years old. how did you get lost and end up at Pinkham? what's a trail maintainer and how do i do it?
    He will learn to appreciate it down the road. That is our problem these days. The kids have all this technology and cannot live without it. I remember the big thing was my ATARI I had lol My daughter who is 5 cannot live without her TV, XBOX, or her Nintendo DS. I am so glad the warmer weather is here. We will be outside a lot more now.
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