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  • Thanks. I've been working on him. On the sly. He might not even know it. Now that I've reached that goal, what should I tackle next?
    East Pond Trail wouldn't be a huge drive for me and is a pleasant trail, so I was thinking of that. I don't know about doing the entire trail or from the Kanc to height of land. I just would hope to be physically fit enough to do a proper job. After all, I ain't 28 any more.
    Haven't seen you here for a while. I'm thinking of adopting a trail and thought I'd run it by you. I've been in contact with the forest service but havven't actually sent in my application...Hope all is well.
    Yes..send Becca Munroe a personal message..we saw her out in the adams snowfields and she asked if we had lost a crampon..putting 2 and 2 togeter we came up with the BF when he asked about it....happy trails
    Thanks for the prayers and happy thoughts, they're pulling my family and I through this
    Thanks for the kind well-wishes and the greenie! These things happen in the strangest of ways, yes? Shoveling snow -- ouch. Now I have another reason to ask my husband fo a snowblower this year. :) The strangest thing in my case is that I cannot pinpoint when or how this happened. Literally woke up in severe pain. Maybe the cats are beating me up while I sleep? Haven't bought them their favorite treats in a while, perhaps they seek revenge...
    the new echo single is the fuckin bomb.... best stuff they have done in years.. and they haven't done a bad CD. go to their site and give it a free listen...
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