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  • We're doing fine. Mostly Catskills this winter so far. Still quite challenging from time to time!
    Hi there, Laura. I spent the last few days hiking with a gentleman named Jim (his last name is totally escaping me right now). He was telling stories, and among them, mentioned you. He had great things to say about you, and even though I don't think he knows you too well, he thinks quite highly of you. Just thought I'd share. Have a great day!
    Sorry it took me so long to answer your message. I usually don't check my message board that often. Nice hiking with you also and hope to see you again.

    Happy trails.
    Hmmm.... not sure why you wouldn't know Jack and Howie. We left Springer March 23, 1995, does that make sense? When did you start?
    Ha ha! I remember those guys that Roger and I did a shake down for! They had ten pounds of "essential oils" that they were carrying as first aid supplies! I still have some of them in my medicine cabinet at home! Too funny!
    I met a lot of people in '94 when I section hiked NH with thru-hikers Stretch (Curt Holden) and Elroy (Bill Meloy). I also did Trail Magic for a couple weeks at Jeffers Brook Shelter, so I met a lot of folks then from '94- Jester, Pogo, Doughboy, Billy Goat, Lobo, Clear Eyes, Ayce, Rael, Tom Flip, Blue Sky, Mountain Jam, etc. I could have met the folks you mentioned too without knowing their names. Do you know any of the aforementioned from '94?
    Aaaah memories.... as I look out my office window onto this winter wonderland! I'm getting psyched because Ethan (the kid I was pregnant with on the AT in 95!) and I are section hiking NJ during April School vacation week! Woohoo! I knew if I tried carrying him from Georgia to Maine, he'd want to walk it himself!
    Oh yeah- I remember Straight Talk... Roger Dixon... wonder what he's up to now? Hiked with him a little bit in Georgia. I'm still good friends with Lone Star (Jack Updyke) and Howie O (Howie Orndoff) GA-ME '95, we 3 met at Amicalola Falls and stuck together. That was quite a fun year! You and I know a lot of people in common, but I know I have passed you on the trail and not recognized you. How do I know you? No matter, you are on my friend list now!
    Dr. Wu- Please tell MEB Happy Birthday for me! I met MEB, Suebiscuit, Donna and several others when I joined their group led by Arm to BSP in March 2007. She is so much fun and a very strong hiker. I am going to visit my family in Syracuse that weekend or I would love to join you all. Thanks for the invitation and hope to see you out soon. By the way, is that your cat?
    Thanksgiving Weekend: Fri/Sat/Sun we're going to be at Barnes Field celebrating MEB's 40th b-day. Plenty of hiking during the day and festivities at night. You should come along!!
    Awesome!! Maybe we'll run into each other sometime! You should come to one of the Barnes Field Gatherings sometime! We'd love to have you!!!!
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