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  • Keep me posted on your progress for the ADK finish. I have an annual Sept trip to LP - hiking trip that all the others now golf at - including my 46r partner! It's STILL a hiking trip!! We rent a house...
    Hey thanks Mike! Definitely time to move beyond 'lurker' status and get to know the group. I haven't figured out yet if it's possible to look at people's mini-icons in a larger size, but even without that, I was able to recognize yours - that was a great hke!
    I accidentally hit the enter key when leaving feedback! I wanted to add that the "Cloud Cap" and "Clover" shots were really nice!
    Thanks RollingRock! We're glad those who came with you enjoyed it. We are very proud of the trail! In a long litany of hiking, this was a trailwork day to remember!
    I have my parents visiting with me for the weekend. My vacation starts on Labor Day in Maine with camping at Hermit Island, adventures at Acadia National Park, enjoying a rented cabin in Baxter State Park and finishing with whitewater rafting on the Penobscot. YooHOO! Have a great time at the ADK BBQ...
    Thank you, Rolling Rock, for the green square and the fine, fine feedback. Very much appreciated!
    7:00 is good. I get the feeling that Earl is a bit slow. Ishmael is a touch faster than I am. It is supposed to be windy tomorrow so I will be bringing balaclava and goggles.
    This is very good. Ishmael will definately be joining us, and he will be with me at Exit 28, 5:30, Saturday morning. BIGEarl has posted on Trips&Events that he will be going up Isolation on Saturday morning. I wil post a version of this in that thread. I will also mention it tomorrow night the the Booze and Victuals event.
    The NOAA report for Mt Washington on Saturday: A slight chance of snow. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 14. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

    Looks good for Isolation.

    Rolling Rock,
    That group that you ran into today was us. Ed Hawkins grid group. You must have been the fast guys that buzzed past us when we were changing snowshoes. I like the name Rolling Rock (a beer from my hometown in Pa). Sorry we didn't get to meet.

    Happy Trails,
    Bob (aka "Wolfgang")
    Hi Rolling Rock. I was on Welch-Dickey the same day with Damselfly and four others. Had trouble on the same icy spot desending to the col. Had to slide down on my bum holdling on to scrub!! Exciting! Glad to hear you did not go over the edge!
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