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  • hey bubba. sounds like you have been busy. dolly and i just hiked saddleback and the horn in maine. great views and a wonderful area in rangeley. we are still trying to finish tackeling maine. 4 to go. heading up to north brother in june after the black flies go to sleep. happy trails, dennis
    hey bubba. sorry so late getting back to you. did not even realize we had mail in the box. we have had a very busy winter. unfortunatly, no hiking. just did our first warm up today in the whites. hope all is well. thanks for getting us in. we are just starting to plan our maine excursions. north brother will be first one. happy trails d&d
    Thanks Bubba - we appreciate it. Our peace is coming by watching her get stronger
    Haha, oh man. Yay for college communication! Well I'm glad that it all worked out in the end, and glad that you got the exposure you needed!

    Thanks for the offer to get away from campus. I would love to take you up on it if I feel I have the time. I went whitewater kayaking down the Caneadea Creek last Wednesday (they let the water out of Rushford for a week, as I'm sure you know), and it was a blast!

    Hope you have a great day!!
    Hi there! No worries, take your time! Yea, I saw the email about the hot dogs, but I had to work during that time. I hope it went well, glad to see that the idea came off!
    no, i dont know that dude in seattle.
    I dont have many hiking plans, just getting ready for the snow to start falling!
    Well yeah it is about time you got back to me lol I have been out hiking a lot actually. I helped my friend Seth finish the 46 last month and I will be accompany viewseeker to his finish sometime in October or November this year. I am also on my way to the Catskills this upcoming weekend. I think I am going to start on the 3500 peaks down there.

    Also, I have lost nearly 30 lbs since last winter and still losing. I am feeling great!

    Take care,
    Alaska was cool, but definately want to get into the mainland sometime. the southern sections are nice as well. Had a ton of fun in Seattle as well.
    Hey there! Yea, I sure am! I go to school here at Houghton. Where do you live? We should meet up sometime!
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