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  • That's awesome you guys collected so much money. I certainly will send you the photos I got, a couple of good ones I think. I have to go through them still and process. It may take me awhile, though, as I am super busy this week, unexpectedly so.
    It was great meeting you and wife this weekend on 19-Mile Brook Trail. As the day moved along I met many Canadians on the trails doing the same as you. Hopefully I see you on the trails again.
    Merci beaucoup Yvon ! J'espère qu'on aura une opportunité de se revoir bientôt, ça fait longtemps me semble :)
    Great pictures of Moat Mountain (I found them on newenglandtrailconditions.com). Turns out we were there on the same day. I was clearing blowdowns on Red Ridge trail in the morning. Anyway, really enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Great pictures of Crockers and Reddington!!! I have never taken the herdpath from S Crocker to Reddington, but I saw where it connected to the trail up from the CRV and it looks interesting! Were there still alot of old machinery on Reddington?
    I hope you and Annie get feeling better. I have been very fortunate not to have gotten sick this winter......knock on wood :)
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