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Fisher Cat
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  • Hey, thanks for the message! I'm doing very well, and staying very safe, thanks. How is your summer going? The rain letting up for you at all?
    Thanks, Scott! We appreciate your encouragement and support! We'll be bringing at least one hiker who hasn't climbed Washington from the east side, so it should be fun. Will try to post report ASAP.

    sorry that your awesome trip report got jacked! i guess im part to blame, but there was a bit much nonsense being spoken. anyway, awesome report as usual!!
    Please do tell...perhaps I may integrate it into my work this summer for my novel. I'll PM you for the sutler info.
    Whitman ranks as one of my top favorites of American literature. He may be ripped on, so to say, for being on the wrong side of the fence, but I find that he's got insight on life hidden in "Leaves of Grass."

    I recall reading a TR of yours doing a hike in 18th century dress (?) I'm writing novel about that time period and been having some trouble finding the ins and outs of their clothing when it came to mountain travel. Would you consider yourself conversant on that topic? Thanks. Ridgewalker (Clarke Haywood)
    Hi Scott, I must add to your commentary to the "Lorelei" that the first part always had struck a chord: I don't know what it may signify
    That I am so sad;
    There's a tale from ancient times
    That I can't get out of my mind.
    It looks like I'll be homebound :-(
    We have friends who are coming to visit from Arlington, MA.....I'm already going to be in the woods for 1/2 of the day they arrive.....

    Have fun up there! I wish I could come. I'll let you know if anything changes.
    Hi Scott!
    It is a PITA!
    First, you need to set up an account on a photo sharing site.
    I used flickr.
    It's free.
    Then, you need to upload your pics to the site.
    If you make it that far....
    Double click on the pic you want (to make it big) to put into your post.
    Right click on the pic.
    Find where it says "Properties."
    Click on "Properties."
    Find the photo's URL (http blah, blah, blah...)
    Highlight it.
    Right click.
    Then go onto VFTT in another window.
    Start writing your superb post.
    When you want to insert the picture, click on the little icon with a mountain on it.
    Right click.
    Finish writing your post.
    Preview your post to make sure the pic(s) show up so you won't feel like an idiot.
    Enjoy reading people's nice comments about your pictures!
    Send MichaelJ a greenie because he told me how to do it!
    Thanks for the greenie! And I finally learned how to post my pictures inline! *does happy dance*
    Thanks! A few other people have suggested writing trip reports from there. If anything interesting happens, I think I'll share!

    Well I'm looking forward to hear about your finish trip. I hope your trips beforehand are great as well!
    Minnesota. I'll be stationed at Wilderness Inquiry's headquarters in Minneapolis, but I'll be all over the place co-leading trips and such.

    I'm sure the Whites will be there when I get back, though!

    You're finishing your period-48 this summer, aren't you?
    I have to head west. I'm leaving the 29th of May and won't be back until the 23rd of August. It really cuts out my entire summer hiking schedule, but oh well. The good news is that I will have a new, more flexible job next year, so if I have gas money I might be able to hit up the Whites over my Christmas break!
    Hey FisherCat! I finished the book over the weekend. I'll try to get to the Post Office tomorrow. It was great! Thanks so much!
    Oooh, I already started reading it last night. So cool! I may have to come up with a "Get out your #2s" of my own! Love the name "Peppersass" - might be a good name for our new kitty when we get one! Thanks so much!
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