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  • a rutting pit has been dug with hooves and you'll see bare dirt. It looks similar to a bed, as you have seen, but in the middle there will be bare dirt. I'll try to post a pic.
    What does a rutting pit look like? I've seen spots on ski trails where it looks like moose have laid down. Thanks!
    Thank you, Patrick, for the compliment on my mushroom photo! I guess a rainy, cloudy day makes one look in less common places for great views. Now, if I could just find one of those moose someday that seem to hang around you! :)
    Thanks for the feedback! I hope you will continue to share your great photography with us after your move to Utah.
    thanks for the greenie. And I am bummed about the Utah move. That being said, I hope you have a wonderful time out there, and that life treats you well.
    Thanks forestgnome! I've been seeing lots of wildlife lately, including a bull moose right in my home down in SE NH. It immediately made me think of your pics. But mine were not even close to your quality. What camera do you use?
    thank you for the green square, Forestgnome! Also, this summer I will have several days when I will hike without Alex. I'd like to revist some of the NH48 -- I saw your post, let me know if you ever want to join me. You're also welcome to come when Alex and I hike together, of course, but our pace is usually slower than that of the average adult hiker.
    Thank you! That is a real compliment coming from a photographer as talented as yourself.
    Thanks for the greenie! I'm curious -- what kind of snowshoes would you recommend for deep snow? MSRs are the only ones i've owned, I'd love to get your opinion on which are the best shoes for floatation.
    Thanks Forestgnome -- I'm going back there a few more times this winter and hope to have better shots to show. Gotta keep on tryin'...
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