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  • Awesome travelog of the Caps climb. The images were great and captions great too .
    Looks so darn amazing AND warm!
    Bravest thing ya did was the Jeff. Notch road tho......LOL
    Going up there solo took courage!
    Great pictures from you Caps Ridge Trail 11/2/11 trip. Thanks for posting them online! My coworker just suggested that trail to me the other day. Nice to see how it looks.
    Thanks for the report on the SRT. Kind of sad seeing that I spent hours clearing the 1.2 miles from the Sawyer Rd to Hancock Notch jnt. It was all brushed in. Guess trailwork sometimes is like putting repair work into an old car - something big can happen to total it. Cheers. Great pic of the moose.
    Hi- Oops, Sorry I included a comment about "loving that trail' in my response to your SOLO request. Everything else is as stated.
    Did you find any of the old (circa 1940) signs in the sag between Bald Knob and Crosby?

    There are a couple at the trail junction that joins the route over Bald Knob with the route that parallels Wise Brook (that leads to the south, just east of Bald Knob).

    Neat stuff...I think that the signs are courtesy of the folks at Camp Mowglis, back from the days when the camp maintained that trail.
    You went to PSU, right? Plummer's Rocks....did you have Dr Middlekauff for the White Mtn Region class? Cause I remember going there one day...about 5 or 6 years ago.
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